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The editorial board of “Otan tarihy” journal adheres to the international standard of ethics for scientific publications, developed by the Committee for Ethics of Scientific Publications (COPE). Along with this, we recognize the experience of reputable international journals (Scopus (Elsevier), etc.).

In order to improve the quality of scientific publication, it is envisaged to beware of publishing deliberately false information, falsification, plagiarism, etc. It is also envisaged to seek recognition of scientific achievements by the public environment.

Editorial board and responsible person for scientific publication undertake to use reasonable measures to comply with the ethical values and standards of the international community, as well as to avoid the above violations and omissions.

Editorial board does not support all kinds of offenses (plagiarism, manipulation, falsification) and is categorically against them. If the editorial board becomes aware of wrongdoing or violations of ethical standards regarding published articles in the journal, then it should be guided by the COPE recommendation (or its alternative).

All participants in the publication process, namely, each author, scientific editor, reviewer, executive editor, members of the editorial staff and editorial board of the scientific journal “Otan tarihy” have to unconditionally adhere to the principles, norms and standards of publication ethics. Compliance with ethical principles is important both to ensure and maintain the quality of a scientific journal, as well as to create trust and respect between the participants in the publication process.


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