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The international electronic scientific journal “edu.e-history.kz” is the only registered electronic scientific edition in Kazakhstan. The journal is included in the list of publications recommended by the Committee for Quality Assurance in Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the publication of the main results of scientific activity. The journal is published since 2014. The founder of the journal is Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology Committee of Science MES RK. The journal’s articles are reviewed by leading experts from Kazakhstan and abroad.

Mission of the journal is to provide a platform for further integration and interaction of Kazakhstani historical science with the world historical scientific community, a channel for the exchange of scientific information, which enables scholars to widely present the results of their academic research through the use of modern means of infocommunication in the international academic environment.

Aims of the journal: to provide conditions for open scholarly discussion (including with foreign researchers), publicly available on the Internet; promote the exchange of experience and the dissemination of research results and new scientific developments in the scientific environment (the editorial board welcomes interdisciplinary research and scholarly discussion); involve students, undergraduates, doctoral students, doctoral candidates, young professionals, teachers and researchers from various countries (dealing with the history of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, the Eurasian space) in the publication of articles.

  Purposes of the journal:   The journal introduces the academic community (through the electronic system publicly available in the world space) with the achievements and innovations in the world historiographic process, the edition is aimed at supporting new trends and developing innovative research directions of Kazakhstani humanities specialists, initiatives of young scholars, reflecting scientific solutions and conceptual approaches in science.

The journal publishes academic works of both fundamental and applied nature on topical issues of history, source study, historiography, archeology, ethnology, anthropology, culture of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The editorial policy of the international electronic scientific journal "edu.e-history.kz" is aimed at popularizing the results of new developments of Kazakhstani and foreign scholars in the field of historical and related research, increasing interest in publishing activities on the part of specialists and the general public.

The journal publishes scientific articles in the following areas of historical science:

- history,

- archeology,

- ethnography,

- political science,

- sociology,

- philosophy,

- religious studies,

- jurisprudence,

- pedagogy.

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The electronic journal "edu.e-history.kz" is in the public domain (prior consent of the author and publisher for the use of the journal's materials by users is not required).

  The journal is open for cooperation with Kazakhstani and foreign scholars, research teams, educational and research institutions.

Terms of publication

The electronic scientific journal "еdu.e-history.kz" is published 4 times a year at regular intervals: the first issue – from January to March, the second issue – from April to June; the third issue – from July to September, the fourth – from October to December. Frequency: 24 hours a day.

The editorial board of the electronic scientific journal "edu.e-history.kz" accepts for publication original, previously unpublished articles in Kazakh, Russian or English.

The author submits the manuscript to the editor in strict compliance with the article formatting rules. The texts of articles should be uploaded on the website edu.e-history.kz, in the "Submit an article" section. The articles not registered on the site will not be accepted for consideration.

Articles are preliminarily checked in the «Antiplagiat» (Anti-Plagiarism) system, after which, if the result is satisfactory, they are sent for review. After receiving a positive review, the editorial board notifies the authors about the acceptance of the article for publication, as well as about the comments of reviewers and editors, in accordance with which it is necessary to correct and supplement the article. In case of refusal to publish an article, the editorial board sends a reasoned refusal to the author.

In the process of working with the text, communication between the editorial board, the author of a research paper and reviewers is carried out through the electronic (online) platform OJS, and in exceptional cases – by e-mail.

The authors are responsible for the selection and reliability of the historical sources, quotes, statistical and sociological data, proper names, geographical names and other information. 


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