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By the order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Science and Education of Republic of Kazakhstan from October 30, 2014 № 1627 the journal is included in a list of scientific publications recommended by the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Science.


Certificate of Registration of Perioidical and Information Agency

The international electronic scientific journal “e-history. kz” (edu. e-history. kz) is the only registered electronic scientific edition Kazakhstan, included in the list of journals peer-reviewed by the MES RK. The journal was established in the framework of decisions made in result of the extended meeting of the interdisciplinary working group (IDWG) held on June 5, 2013 under the chairmanship of the State Secretary of the Republic of Kazakhstan M. M. Tazhin with a view of further active integration of modern info-communicative technologies in scientific context, which will serve as a base for formation of the new research heuristics, new methodology of digital humanities, applied use of network technologies as a tool for promotion of the national history, formation of the new paradigm of the modern Kazakhstani historical science.

This edition is planned as a platform for further integration and interaction of Kazakhstani historical science with the world historical academic community, a channel for exchanging scientific information giving scientists the opportunity to present the results of their studies to the international academic community through the use of the modern informational communication means. The journal’s content is aimed at students, postgraduates, doctoral students, applicants for academic degree, young specialists, teachers and researchers from different countries dealing with the history of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and the Eurasian space.

The work of the scientific electronic edition “e-history. kz” (edu. e-history. kz) is organized through the web-portal www. e history. kz.

The founder of the international scientific electronic edition “e history. kz” (edu. e-history. kz) is the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch. Ch. Valikhanov CS MES RK appointed by the Committee of Science MES RK as scientific consultant on the web-portal ‘History of Kazakhstan’.


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Адеми макалдар молодец

Азамат Утемуратов25.02.2016, 12:23

Макала оте адеми жазылыпты