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Farhodjonova Nodira, Akramova Dilafruz

Globalization meaning and essence

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Теги: technology, modern, meaning, globalization, values, information, history.
This article discusses the concept of globalization and its contents, history, showing respect to the opinions of the scholars of the world.

Today, almost all areas of our life vividly demonstrated the globalization had of only a few centuries history. XV-XVII centuries of geographical discoveries in many countries and regions of international trade be brought within the Industrial Revolution had created a common foundation of further economic. The beginning of the twentieth century, a new qualitative character and covers all spheres of social life, which is characterized by the concept of the present process of globalization. The twenty-first century is a further escalation of the process of globalization. "Globalization" is not defined in common the notion, therefore, that the event will be interpreted in different ways.

The essence of globalization and its universal significance, studied by scientists around the world is one of the major objects of research. "This is normal. Because of its place in the global economy in a positive occurs, a human being, a person, ethnicity, national and universal values ​​associated with aspects of the study is still not perfection"[1;b.11]. In this respect, many conferences and symposiums are held. Hundreds of books and thousands of articles published. The development of human-society and those directly related to the interpretation and understanding of the process in the future.

Philosophers, the essence of globalization is universalization of human values, sociologists consider that this process is provided one types of life of the other people living in the region. In everyday life, according to the mean of globalization of the universal common understanding of issues. Includingtoday, the issue of globalization, all countries, scientists, politicians, journalists and businessmen to discusses them. All of their interpreted this phenomenon is the world's people socio-economic, political and legal, spiritual and cultural life’s peculiar the modern status, dictating the trend of the internal and external processes and their planetary as a development of the tendency.

Globalization - "Global" meaning in the French in terms of the concept of "general", in the Latin "Globe" formed the “world’s globe”. So, in that sense, the concept of globalism is also directly connected with the fate of human life and the biggest problem, "planetary" and "secular" issues, covering the prospects for global growth.

Globalization, the term was first used in 1960 by Giddins. This term was not used until the 1990th year. In 1985, the American sociologist R. Robertson concept of the term globalization. Globalization means the first time since 1981 by academic economists is used. But half of 1990 the concept of the meaning of the word revealed by the American scientist Charles Taz Russell.

"Globalization" means the first used by an American scientist T.Levitt in 1983 yourself article published in the Harvard Business rev`yu. T.Levitt large multinational corporations to produce a variety of products to the market integration process of "globalization" called. This beast attention to the process of economic globalization facing. However, globalization of the integral processes of their covers. The general context of globalization, on the one hand, in certain cases, the process of all regions, countries and received to cover the whole face of the earth, on the other hand, means that their concerns about the future of mankind. Visible, as defined above, the process of globalization, its complexity and occupy distinct. At the dawn of the years 1980-1990 the "globalization" concept with a new interpretation: the Japanese famous economist K.Ome described in this term, the expression of which is understandable to the public and new aspects of the development of the world economy characteristics, which differed in its early stages of development started to show the current status of the application.

Proffesor A. Katsovich coverage and depiction of the process of globalization and the world economy, the emergence of new characteristics: "The limits of globalization through economic, political, social and cultural relations through intensification can be determined. Globalization is a combination of free trade agreements, the Internet into the world and a very competitive market and financial market integration.

Scientific research carried out by scientists of the world outdoors in a variety of different definitions given to the concept of globalization and its attitudes and relationships will continue to come. But he was one of the globe to ensure the integrity and unity of all sectors represent the key factor in the process of becoming a shared vision to look at it as a priority. Russian scientist I. Burikova by scientists as one of the globalization process and its views on the general balance of its three main aspects:

What about the process of globalization and have the knowledge.

Emotional need any information on this approach.

Ethics - What you need to do that.

In 2006, the "globalization" concept and to determine its impact on various areas of cooperation with the scientists of the world's leading dictionary ("Globalistika mejdunarodnyy mejdistsiplinarnyy entsiklopedicheskiy slovar") is the proof of how important this process is the preparation. He described the result of the concept of globalization. For example, an American scientist T.Fridman "globalization "cold war" has changed to a new system" he said. "Globalization" different definitions given to the concept, though, he was referred to the integrity of the globe and in all areas of "unity" as a factor that can be said to look at the overall look of our priorities. Russian scientist L.E. Grinin said, "the result of the convergence of globalization and integration of the region, the whole world his all the world as a result of his subjects more relevant and more".

"Talking about the phenomenon of globalization, a term now meant as a scientific and philosophical understanding of life should be noted. The general point of view, this process is completely new meaning and content of economic, social, political, natural and biological formation of the environment and at the same time, the existing regional problems of the world have become global problems .... Globalization is first and foremost to express impetuous acceleration means"[2; b.111]. In fact, in all areas of life, a kind of growth, you can follow the process of further development. Really, we can see accelerating the pace of life. Dynamically updated. "Life never stops, and we do not need to think ..... changed in such a fast pace of life today ... this idea of a practical confirmation"[3; b.269] "globalization" and its practice taking into recognizing the need to develop a scientific definition that the"globalization of the economy in different countries, cultures, as well as the interactions between people and is not available as a result of growing addicted to the screening of some of the aspects of existence". "Today, the process is almost all spheres of life, the unique combination of the goal itself". 

It should be noted that the globalization of social, political and economic life is directly related to the cases arising in the process. Its essence of mutual relations and interactions between the peoples and countries has been expanded, and the sophistication. Planetary global social development to a new level. It is happening in the various fields of human activity consists of the many profound changes. The general context of globalization on the one hand, in certain cases, the process in all regions, countries and cover the whole face of the earth, on the other hand, means that the destiny of humanity.

"The process of globalization in all areas of life of the peoples of the world and the potential scope of the power of the power to change the lives of peoples and countries in the past, you can synchronize with the revolutions. At the same time, his achievements in the history of mankind, and exalted levels of any revolutions. Taking into account these aspects of the process of globalization can be in human and social development of the new media revolution".

 The essence of the globalization of the planet unlimited growth in the flow of information into a single society, the spread of information within seconds and affect social realities. This concept is not defined how this process will continue to move deeper into our lives. You can avoid this whole process, because it is a process of historical development of society.


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