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The Woodworking Art

The Woodworking Art

Many traditions of culture and art of the past generations have not disappeared completely, they remained at home trades and crafts of the Kazakh people in the recent past. They live today, being the foundation of the national artistic creativity.

In this respect, decorative arts should be considered as the most revealing of them. It associated with traditional forms of production - processing of animal products, partly agriculture, metallurgy, and finally, with the use  of plant materials. The common types of Kazakh arts and crafts are: making carpets and household items from the ornamented felt, patterned leather, decorative metal, bone carving and wood, patterned weaving, manufacture of woolen carpets and fine rugs, patterned weaving of mats, embroidery on wool fabric, felt, etc.

The national craftsmen paid special attention to the wooden doors.After all, they are the only plane in the circular walls of the yurt; The assembly of the yurt usually begins with the installation of doors. The best of them sykyrlauk are marked with the technology of deep relief carving with rounded edges that are combined with the relief development and often artistically painted.

Woodcarvers, who popularly called agash usta, covered the wooden headboards- zhastyk-agash and boxes for food storage – kebezhe with the relief ornament; they graved kumis sets of various forms from the rounded bowls (tostagan, Sabti-ayak), scoops (ozhau), bowls (the ball), all sorts of dishes for the cooked meat (tabak), produced saddles, cases for transportation of bowls.

The most popular masters among people were suekshi, the masters of ivory carving, they created an interesting compositions of household items with an ornamental motifs.


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