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Requirements to articles

The following kinds of articles will be accepted for publication in the journal in accordance with topics and columns:

  • Methodological, theoretical reviews on history and related sciences;
  • Historiography, Source Study, and Analysis;
  • Subject and Subject-Historical Studies;
  • Research articles on topical issues of national history;
  • Critique and Bibliography;
  • News Reviews and Historical Chronicles.


Abstract should contain a summary of the main ideas presented in the author’s article, give a general idea of the direction of publication, formulate the achieved scientific results and degree of their scientific novelty (250–300 words). Abstract must be followed by keywords related to the present study (7–10 words and terms)

Structure and Content

The article can be divided into sections, subsections (if necessary). Numbering — through. In the introductory part of publication there should be clearly outlined the research object and a brief review of the publications on this topic (3–5 references to the literature of the past 5 years, if available). If the article is big, then it is necessary to familiarize the reader with its structure (in the introduction).

General Recommendations

The length of article (including images, tables and literature) should not exceed 1 print sheet (for original articles), or 2 print sheets (for reviews). The number of references for original articles — no more than 15 sources.

The List of Works Cited

The list of works cited should be shown in [square] brackets within the text.
Numbering in the end of the article — as the literature references in the text. When making a list should be especially carefully checked all the details, links to journals (year, volume, page).

Example of References:
In text: [10, p. 81].
In external link: 10. Бердяев Н. А. Смысл истории. М.: Мысль, 1990. p.175.

It is allowed to refer to electronic periodicals (GOST 7.83–2001. Electronic editions. Basic types and output information. Introduced 2002-01-15. Minsk, 2001. p. 6).

Степанов В. Электронные документы Интернет: описание и цитирование [электронный ресурс] // Интернет в профессиональной информационной деятельности: Интерактивный учебник / Степанов В., 1997–2010. — URL: http://textbook.vadimstepanov.ru/ (дата обращения: 09.02.2010).

Figures should be submitted as separate files in (* .jpg or * .gif) format, the volume for each file — no more than 1 MB. Figures should be clear and legible, have notation corresponding text. Authors of published articles will receive an electronic version of their article in * .pdf file by e-mail.

Requirements for registration of articles

  • Articles should be typed in text form in one of the following languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.
  • the following items should be appended to the printed and electronic versions (1 copy):
    • review;
    • expert opinion issued by the organization in which the work is written (for Kazakhstan authors);
    • abstract, containing not less than 7–10 sentences on a separate sheet in Kazakh, Russian and English;
    • information about the authors: Name (in full), degree, rank, position, e-mail and other contact information.
  • At the top of the article centered lowercase bold initials and surname of the author; on the next line in the center capital letters in bold print without transferring title of the publication

Electronic Styling

General Provisions

  • Make sure that you are using a single fonts and size in your article.
  • Save text as «*.doc» («*.docx»), and the illustrations and graphics to it as «*jpeg».
  • The number of figures should correspond with the number and consequence in the text. Each figure should have an inscription.
  • Use logical names for the files.
  • Each graphical object is to be submitted as a separate graphic file.


Regardless of the application used, when your electronic version of the work is completed, please use the «Save As» and save the document as Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, Excel).

For all matters relating to the submission of articles (including electronic submission) please visit the website of the journal e-history.kz.

Provided online support feedback to the authors of submitted papers (in http://www.e-history.kz).

The application to Editor regarding to publication of master student’s articles should come from his supervisor.

Submissions must be relevant, new, have a scientific or practical significance.

Articles without reviews or comments won’t be accepted for publication!

The editors do not pay the author for the submitted materials.

The author is recommended to clarify the publication dates of the article with deputy editor and managing editor.

All the sent works, letters and appeals, which in the opinion of the editorial board do not match the topics of the journal and/or of little interest to readers, will not be published. The editors do not correspond with authors on the subject.
Materials published in the journal may be fully or partially reproduced, duplicated and distributed only after a written agreement with the editors of this journal, refererring to the original source.

All the materials should be submitted to the editor in the electronic version (Word 2003/2007) directly to the office or by email.


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